Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Tips to get the maximum benefit out of your yoga practice

  • Come to class on an empty stomach (2 hrs after a light meal). Yoga asanas and pranayama are most comfortably performed on an empty stomach.

  • If experiencing any pain, emotional upsets, if you have your menstruation or are very tired; do let me know so we can work accordingly. When practicing at home if tired start with a shavasana, the dead body pose if performed with complete let go and surrender can in 10 minutes give the same amount of relaxation as a couple of hours of sleep.

  • Try to be as aware and attentive to your body, breath and state of mind as possible during class. The practice is training the mind to stay connected with the present moment instead of wandering all over the place. 

  • Try to arrive 10 minutes before class.

  • Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes which will allow you to stretch your body.

  • If you need any clarification or repeated instructions regarding the practice, please feel free to ask me anytime. I hope you will enjoy our practice together as well as your yoga practice ..: )


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