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Most women naturally become very aware of their growing bodies and the little life within. Since you are already in touch with the body sensations, it is the perfect time to do a vipassana or any meditation which helps you feel peaceful, relaxed and connected with the life within and life outside.

The 9 months is a great time to start organising and simplifying your life. Bring harmony into your world by healing relationships important to you. The baby is feeding on what you eat and what you feel.

It is important also to decide how and where you would like to give birth.

As a society we are moving away from nature in most things. Our food is full of chemical and pesticide. Progress is the name given to cutting of trees and putting up buildings or creating weapons of mass destruction. It is interesting how most things we “create” end up burdening and polluting Mother Nature. So it follows that this is also how we treat pregnancy and give birth!

Pregnancy like sickness involves regular visits to the doctor and you need to be told how, what and when to eat so your baby will be healthy. Of course you need supplements because your body will lack iron and calcium without it! How can you give birth without a doctor present?

We as women have lost our power somewhere in this crazy world.

If you eat healthy, do some gentle stretching, walk, relax when you need to, continue to work and have a meaningful life, you will have a wonderful pregnancy. The body is absolutely amazing. It has been designed by God, the universe, existence or whatever words you feel comfortable with, to be the home for 9 months of this new life. Your body is capable of growing, stretching, healing, producing more of whatever you and the baby need. All you need to do is offer the right support.

There is a growing awareness of different options being available for gentle natural birthing in the presence of your loved ones.birth as we know it

The process of childbirth is so well designed by nature. The baby when ready sends the signal to your brain to release hormones which start labour. Contractions start off gently, slowly getting stronger, giving your body and mind plenty of time to cope with the strong sensations. When it is time, the body starts to push on its own, taking little pauses to relax and allow the baby to adjust. If you want to support this process the mind just needs to watch with awe and love as your baby and your body do all the work and of course you need to there to catch the little one into your welcoming hands when he or she eventually comes out!!

Birth without Violence - Frederick Leboyer

The baby needs to come out into an environment which will not shock his or her senses. In nature, the mother deer will only give birth when she feels completely safe. The baby will feel the earth and the mother’s tongue cleaning and kissing it. Your baby wants to feel your body, your hands, your kisses and your breast!


My son Kian came out in water with open eyes and a smile according to my husband! He started to feed within minutes of being born. He held my mother’s finger as he fed. We waited to cut the cord for a long time so he was still being fed by the placenta and could take his time to breathe on his own. (Please email me if you would like to read my birth story.)

This unnecessary hurry to cut the cord and take the baby away from the mother to be weighed, cleaned and measured is very strange.

All babies are recommended today to get the Vitamin K vaccine immediately after birth when it is completely unnecessary 99% of the time. Your body will produce the Vitamin K that the baby needs.

The strangest new progress we have come up with is stem cell banking. You need to cut the cord immediately and save it so the baby can be helped later. You are depriving your child of all that lovely goodness and immunity that the placenta is offering the baby and making him or her weaker!

I would also like to touch upon circumcision at this time. Your baby boy’s foreskin besides being a natural protective layer for the penis, is also the very sensitive home of millions of pleasure cells. Do you really want to in the name of religion or cleanliness to deprive your son of a natural relaxed sex life?! In the words of Elena, it is first connection between violence and sex for your baby boy.

Circumcision in new born’s are performed without anaesthesia. Can you imagine the amount of pain you put your baby through? Most people think it is cruel to circumcise the baby girls in Africa, where Jean Liedloff's Continuum Conceptis our compassion for the baby boy?

Please read the article in the link below for more information. Circumcision the history and the false beliefs

Babies inside a mommy and eventually when they come out too are very connected to God, Existence or whatever you choose to call it. If we can birth our babies without traumatizing them and ourselves, we could maybe change the world!!

I read Jean Leidloff's The Continuum Concept when I was pregnant and Wow, it is an amazing book to guide new parents.

One interesting point she makes is that babies need to be in arms/ in physical contact with the mother or a familiar care giver for the first 6 to 8 months of their life till they start crawling and moving away on their own. It sounds quite painful to always have to carry the baby, however the baby should not be the centre of attention, the baby just wants to observe normal adult life so he or she can learn from this young age how to be a fruitful part of society. The baby needs and wants a mother or carer who is living a busy happy life doing her bit for society.

Bringing up children today is such hard work mainly because we make babies the centre of attention right from the beginning. Later on when they continue to want and demand the attention that we made them addicted to, we get annoyed! We complain about the terrible 2s, about how the toddler refuses to listen, how children are so easily bored!!!

 It would be nice to be able bring healthy happy individuals into this world, people  who do not need therapy, yoga, meditation to heal them of the traumas they went through in their childhood! The best part is that in the process we  ourselves become better human beings.

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